Bucegi Natural Park

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Bucegi Natural Park
Parcul Natural Bucegi
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Bucegi mountains, 'on fire'.jpg
The Bucegi Mountains (scenery)
Map showing the location of Bucegi Natural Park
Map showing the location of Bucegi Natural Park
Location within Romania
Location Romania
In the administrative territory of counties:
Actual Brasov county CoA.png Braşov
Dâmboviţa Dâmboviţa
Prahova Prahova
Nearest citySinaia
Coordinates45°22′37″N 25°26′42″E / 45.377°N 25.445°E / 45.377; 25.445[1]Coordinates: 45°22′37″N 25°26′42″E / 45.377°N 25.445°E / 45.377; 25.445[1]
Area32.663 hectares (80.71 acres)
Established1974, declared in 2000
Bucegi Natural Park.jpg

The Bucegi Natural Park (Romanian: Parcul Natural Bucegi) is a protected area (natural park category V IUCN) situated in Romania, in the administrative territory of counties Braşov, Dâmboviţa and Prahova.[2]


The Natural Park is located in the south-central part of Romania, in the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians.


The Bucegi Natural Park with an area of 32.663 ha[3] was declared a protected area by Law Number 5 of March 6, 2000 (published in Monitorul Oficial Number 152 of April 12, 2000)[4] and represents a mountainous area (caves, pit caves, canyons, ridges, sinkholes, valleys, waterfalls, pastures and forests), that shelters a variety of flora and fauna. The park is famous for its Babele and Sphinx features.[5]


Beech forests, bushes, alpine limestone grasslands, alpine rivers and herbaceous vegetation, mountain hay meadows, springs, limestone rocky slopes and seminatural dry grasslands.

Natural reserves[edit]

Protected areas included in the park: Abruptul Mălăiești - Bucșoiu - Gaura (1.634 ha) and Locul fosilifer Vama Strunga in Brașov County;[6] Cocora Cave and Cheile Urșilor (307 ha) in Dâmbovița County;[7] and Abruptul Prahovean Bucegi (3.478 ha) and Colții lui Barbeș Mountains (1.513 ha) in Prahova County.


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