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Stable release
0.7.0 / 20 October 2013
Operating system Cross-platform
Type security tool
License GNU General Public License
Website http://www.buck-security.net

buck-security is a security scanner for Linux. It was first released in June 2009[1] and was originally designed for system administrators maintaining Debian or Ubuntu servers.

The program runs some security checks like looking for worldwriteable files and directories, listening services or unwanted installed packages.[2][3] With version 0.5 a checksum feature was included that creates an encrypted list of checksums of the most important system files.[4]

buck-security claims to concentrate on only the most important checks, and therefore be more usable than other security scanners like Lynis or Tiger.[4]

In April 2010 buck-security was featured at the SourceForge Blog[4] and in July 2013 it was added to the Yocto Project.[5] In 20


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