Buck Island (British Virgin Islands)

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Aerial view of Buck Island, with, from left to right, Ginger Island, Cooper Island and Salt Island on the horizon
Buck Island, British Virgin Islands.

Buck Island is a privately owned island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.


A former owner had begun to build a bridge between Buck Island and the mainland of Tortola, but construction ceased when it was discovered that under British Virgin Islands law that would create a right in favour of the general public to cross the bridge and use the island's beaches. Accordingly, he stopped and the bridge was never completed.

The island also has an obsolete airstrip on it, which is now in ruins.

Curiously, in the adjacent United States Virgin Islands there are two other islets which go by the name "Buck Island" - Buck Island Reef National Monument near St. Croix and Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge near St. Thomas.

It is 43 acres-wide and it has swimming-pools.[1] As of 2012, it is the world's second most expensive private island.[1]

In 2017 the island was advertised for sale on the property website Rightmove[2] at $30,000,000 USD.


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Coordinates: 18°25′26″N 64°33′29″W / 18.424°N 64.558°W / 18.424; -64.558