Buck Rogers – Battle for the 25th Century

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Buck Rogers – Battle for the 25th Century is a strategy board game published in 1988 by TSR, Inc.. The game uses the setting and themes of the 1930s Buck Rogers serials, and the design of 1950s space-race-era propaganda. The units and game-play for the game work similarly to Axis & Allies, with naval units being replaced by space ships and two different kinds of infantry instead of one. The game was produced in large quantities, but never sold well[citation needed] and didn't last past a second edition.

The game does have some important distinctions from Axis & Allies which help differentiate it. There are several primary differences. First, unlike Axis and Allies, any area is suspect to be attacked by fighters (ships) at any time (Fighters can take land and areas). This means that there is no set area where a land invasion must creep along unless a player chooses to attack by land. Second, combat units do not hit on a set combat value, instead the combat value is determined by what unit is attacking, and what unit is defending. For example, a Trooper would hit another trooper with a score of 6, whilst a Trooper would need to hit a Fighter with a score of 7. Third, there is NO set starting position. Positions are determined by a random dealing of cards (6 cards for 4-6 players, 9 cards for 3 players, and 12 cards for 2 players). Fourth, there is no money or research. One builds units dependent on how many factories they have. Each factory can produce a certain number of units per turn. Fifth, The game has leaders, which either give a +2 to combat rolls in the basic rules of the game, or have special abilities which can grant unique advantages over his/her opponents in the advanced rules of the game. Finally players fight over planets and moons revolving around the Sun, making for a constantly shifting game board.

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