Buckaroo Blues

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Buckaroo Blues
Buckaroo Blues.png
Studio album by The Residents
Released 1988
Genre Folk

Buckaroo Blues is an early recordings of songs by The Residents that would later be included in their Cube-E tour. The songs are interpretations of Western folk songs and cowboy poems. The release also included outtakes of songs that were to be included in the abandoned God in 3 Persons tour.

This album was released only to members of the Residents' fan club, UWEB.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Buckaroo Blues
    1. Theme from Buckaroo Blues
    2. Stampede
    3. Trail Dance
    4. Bury Me Not
    5. Cowboy Waltz
    6. Saddle Sores
    7. Theme from Buckaroo Blues (Reprise)
  2. Land of a Thousand Dances/Double Shot
  3. God in Three Persons' Over