Buckingham Castle

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Buckingham Castle
Buckinghamshire, England
Buckingham Castle is located in Buckinghamshire
Buckingham Castle
Buckingham Castle
Coordinates51°59′51″N 0°59′21″W / 51.9974°N 0.9891°W / 51.9974; -0.9891Coordinates: 51°59′51″N 0°59′21″W / 51.9974°N 0.9891°W / 51.9974; -0.9891
Grid referencegrid reference SP695337
Site information

Buckingham Castle was situated in the town of Buckingham, the former county town of Buckinghamshire, on the north side of the River Ouse.

The castle was first mentioned in documentary sources in 1154–64 and was possibly demolished 1208–1215. It was possibly held by the Giffard family. It was levelled in 1777 for the churchyard which now occupies the site, although the outer stone walls remain in place and provide support for the churchyard green. A similar stone wall exists at the rear of castle street, where individual garden plots are supported.

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