Buckingham Mountain

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Buckingham Mountain
Buckingham Mountain.JPG
Buckingham Mountain
Highest point
Elevation520 ft (160 m)
LocationBucks County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Parent rangePiedmont Plateau

Buckingham Mountain (Lenape: Pepacating [1]) is located in Buckingham Township in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is the second most elevated land in all of Bucks County at 520 feet.


On top of Buckingham Mountain stands the Mount Gilead African Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1835, and rebuilt in 1852 out of stone. It was founded by runaway slaves and was considered to be one of the more prominent refuges for runaway slaves in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


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Coordinates: 40°18′57″N 75°02′28″W / 40.31583°N 75.04111°W / 40.31583; -75.04111