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Buckinghamshire Council
Buckinghamshire Council logo.svg
Council logo
Founded1 April 2020
Preceded byBuckinghamshire County Council, South Bucks, Chiltern, Wycombe, Aylesbury Vale
Richard Scott
since creation
Martin Tett
since creation
Buckinghamshire Council political makeup
Political groups
Administration (113)
  Conservative (112)
Opposition (34)
  Liberal Democrat (15)
  Independent (6)
  Wycombe Independent (5)
  Labour (4)
  Independent Network (2)
  Green (1)
  Climate Party (1)
First past the post
Last election
6 May 2021
Next election
To Be Determined
Meeting place
The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury.jpgThe Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury
United Kingdom

Buckinghamshire Council is a unitary local authority in England, the area of which constitutes most of the ceremonial county of Buckinghamshire.[1] It was created in April 2020 from the areas that were previously administered by Buckinghamshire County Council including the districts of South Bucks, Chiltern, Wycombe and Aylesbury Vale; since 1997 the City of Milton Keynes has been a separate unitary authority.


The plan for a single unitary authority was proposed by Martin Tett, leader of the county council, and was backed by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire. District councils had also proposed a different plan in which Aylesbury Vale becomes a unitary authority and the other three districts becomes another unitary authority. The district councils opposed the (single) unitary Buckinghamshire plan.[2]

Statutory instruments for a single unitary authority were made on 22 May 2019 and a shadow authority of 202 members was subsequently formed.[3]

The council is based at The Gateway in Aylesbury, the site of the old district council.[4] The new authority came into being on 1 April 2020.[5]


At the first meeting of the shadow authority, Richard Scott was elected chair of the authority and Martin Tett as chair of the seventeen member shadow executive committee.[6][7]

Due to the postponement of the 2020 United Kingdom local elections until 2021, it was announced on 18 March 2020 that all of the current shadow authority members would become councillors and the shadow executive members would form the cabinet.[8] They would stay in post until the inaugural election took place in May 2021.[9][10]

When founded, the council had 200 councillors, made up of members from the former County Council and District Councils, although only 199 were listed on the council website. Since the result of boundary changes, from the 2021 Buckinghamshire Council election, there are now 147 seats, all of which were contested.

Party Councillors
Conservative 112
Liberal Democrats 15
Independent 6
Wycombe Independent 5
Labour 4
Ind. Network 2
Green 1
Climate Party 1
Source: Buckinghamshire Council - Your Councillors by Party


The logo of Buckinghamshire Council consists of a blue circle with a white swan flying above the hills, with a row of three trees. The words 'Buckinghamshire Council' and 'est.2020' are written above and below respectively.

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