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Buckley - Ó Buachalla
PronunciationIrish (/oː bˠuːaxal̪ˠl̪ˠa/) Old English (/bʌkliː/)
MeaningIrish: buachall meaning boy
Old English: bucc and leah meaning goat and wood
Region of originIreland and England

Buckley is a surname originating from either Ireland or England where it is particularly common, as well as Canada and the United States.

Some sources outline an Irish origin,[1] whereas others outline an Old English origin.[2]

Spelling variations of Buckley include Bucklie, Buckly, Bulkley, Buhilly, Ó Buachalla, Boughla and others.


The English surname is credited by some unknown sources as being of Old English origin, either as a habitation surname derived from settlements named Buckley, or as an occupational surname from the Anglo-Saxon words Bucc and Leah, meaning goat and wood.[2]

A branch of the Buckley family lived in Buckley, Greater Manchester, in Rochdale for many centuries.[3] They gave their name to Buckley Hall, a manor house found within the locality. Their name is said to derive from "bleak hill" and they can be traced back to a "Geoffrey de Buckley".

In Ireland, Ó Buachalla, taken from the Irish word 'buachaill' originally meaning 'herdsman' (in modern Irish it has come to mean 'boy'), was anglicised early as Ó Boughelly, Boughla, Buhilly and later as Buckley.

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