Buckskin Mountain State Park

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Buckskin Mountain State Park
Arizona State Park
Parkinsonia aculeata Buckskin Mountain SP.jpg
A green Palo Verde tree, and small grayish shrubs of Encelia (Brittlebush) in the Buckskin Mountains & Park
Country United States
State Arizona
County La Paz
Location Parker
 - elevation 394 ft (120 m) [1]
 - coordinates 34°15′23″N 114°8′11″W / 34.25639°N 114.13639°W / 34.25639; -114.13639Coordinates: 34°15′23″N 114°8′11″W / 34.25639°N 114.13639°W / 34.25639; -114.13639
Area 1,677 acres (679 ha)
Founded 1967
Management Arizona State Parks
Buckskin Mountain State Park is located in Arizona
Buckskin Mountain State Park
Location of Buckskin Mountain State Park in Arizona

Buckskin Mountain State Park is a state park located near Parker, Arizona, USA. A second developed area of the park is known as the River Island Unit or River Island State Park. Both park areas have shoreline on the Colorado River and views of the Buckskin Mountains. The park provides camping and water recreation opportunities.

Both parks have been maintained with the assistance of members from the National Service Program: AmeriCorps NCCC. The park hosted the most recent team in November, 2014 on their campsite & worked with the team to provide the park with general maintenance, inputting a fence, digging water retention pits & significantly cleaning up the beach areas. The team & park rangers also began an irrigation project for the dog run that was scheduled to be finished in 2015. Buckskin State Park & River Island State are primarily operated by volunteers with only a few park rangers split between the two parks. Both sites are home to many different kinds of birds, insects, fish & plant life, as well as a winter haven for travelers from up North.

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