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Bucky Bug is a fictional character, created by The Walt Disney Company.


Bucky Bug first appeared in the initial Silly Symphonies comic strip, beginning January 10, 1932; he was the first character to debut in Disney comics. He was initially drawn by Earl Duvall, who subsequently left Disney and joined Warner Brothers where he created Buddy (Looney Tunes).

Bucky only had one film appearance, in "Bugs in Love", released in October 1932.

Bucky Bug also appeared in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, where he was drawn by artists such as Al Taliaferro[1] and Carl Buettner. Bucky's supporting characters included June Bug (Bucky's girlfriend and later wife), Bo Bug (a hobo and Bucky's best friend), the Mayor (June's father), Grandpa Bootle Beetle (Bucky's adopted grandfather), and others. American Bucky stories almost always had the characters speaking in rhyme.

Bucky's regular monthly feature ended in 1950, but he still makes frequent appearances in Dutch stories up to the present time.

Bucky is the first Disney character to make his first appearance in a comic strip outside The Mickey Mouse Universe.

He made a very brief cameo early in the 1988 Touchstone Pictures/Amblin Entertainment film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

His first story is Bucky Makes His Name, published between the 10 January and the 10 April 1932.[2]


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