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Bud "Barracuda" Browne, (July 12, 1912 – July 25, 2008) was an early pioneer surf film maker. He was the first filmmaker to show surf movies commercially. His films are Hawaiian Surfing Movie (1953), Hawaiian Holiday (1954), Hawaiian Surf Movie (1955), Trek to Makaha (1956), The Big Surf (1957), Surf Down Under (1958), Cat on a Hot Foam Board (1959), Surf Happy (1960), Spinning Boards (1961), Cavalcade of Surf (1962), Gun Ho! (1963), Locked In! (1964), You'll Dance in Tahiti (1967) and Going Surfin' (1973).

Browne was captain of the swim team at the University of Southern California in 1933. He learned to surf during that time at Venice, California. He began filming surfing in the 1940s while visiting Hawaii.[1]


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