Bud Grace

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Bud Grace
Bud grace portrait.JPG
Bud Grace at Gothenburg Book Fair 2004
Born c. 1944
Chester, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, penciller, inker
Pseudonym(s) Buddy Valentine
Notable works
The Piranha Club

Bud Grace (born c. 1944)[1] is a cartoonist, who has worked on the comic strip Ernie, whose title was later changed to Piranha Club in the United States. He also drew Babs and Aldo comic strip for King, under the pseudonym Buddy Valentine. Before establishing his career a themed comic strip artist he published individual cartoons in magazines such as Playboy and Hustler as well as more conventional publications. Grace was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, grew up in Sarasota, Florida, and resided in Oakton, Virginia for a number of years. From Virginia Bud traveled extensively in Europe on promotional tours where his cartoons remain very popular as US newspapers saw declines or total elimination of comic sections. In early 2017 Bud and is wife decided they had no need to endure cold winters and he returned to a new home in Bradenton, Florida near his childhood home in Sarasota, Florida. Over the last 20 years Bud has enjoyed singing blues style songs and appeared at piano bars in DC metro and now is seeking new venues in the Tampa Bay area.

At one point he was active in the establishment of the National Cartoon Museum (see) when it moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 1992. In 1996, it became the International Museum of Cartoon Art.It was the brainchild of Mort Walker the creator of Beetle Bailey and had gone through several later transitions until its contents were relocated to Ohio State University in 2008.

Bud has announced his intention to finally retire from cartooning in June 2017 but has made recent trips to Europe for promotional purposes. He met his wife Lorraine while at FSU and they have a son Alan.

Grace has a Ph.D. in physics from Florida State University,[2] and worked as a nuclear physicist at FSU before turning cartoonist 1979. He frequently makes appearances in his own comic strip where he often ends up in a straitjacket.

In 1989 the Swedish Academy of Comic Art awarded Bud Grace with the Adamson Statuette,[1] and Grace received the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Comic Strip Award for 1993 for his work on the strip.[3] He has been active in Cartoon industry activities throughout his career.


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