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Budaniv (Ukrainian: Буданів, Polish: Budzanów) is a village in Ternopil Oblast, Western Ukraine, near Terebovlya. The population of Budaniv is 1,634 (2005). Before World War II, the village and its surroundings were part of the Second Polish Republic.


The settlement was founded in 1549 on the banks of the Seret River. The village was named after a Polish nobleman, Jakub Budzanowski, Halych nobleman. Mountainous terrain of the region always attracted new settlers and about 1550 a wooden castle was built up on the peak of one of the hills. The castle was rebuilt in the beginning of 17th century. The castle was ruined by the Turks in 1675. In 1765 Maria Potocka, a Polish countess, founded a Catholic church on the castle's ruins. The Jewish population was important in the town and made up around 40% of the total population.[1] In November 1942, the Jews of Budzanów were deported to Belzec extermination camp.[2]



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Coordinates: 49°09′34″N 25°42′17″E / 49.1594°N 25.7047°E / 49.1594; 25.7047