Budapest Half Marathon

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Budapest Half Marathon
Budapest half marathon 2010.jpg
Runners crossing Danube River in the 2010 Budapest Half Marathon race
LocationBudapest, Hungary Hungary
Event typeRoad
DistanceHalf marathon
Primary sponsorWizz Air
Course recordsMen:
Japan Seiji Hamada 1:02:44
Romania Mihaela Botezan 1:10:17
Official siteBudapest Half Marathon

The Budapest Half Marathon (complete name: Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon, Hungarian: Wizz Air Budapest Félmaraton) is an annual road running competition over the half marathon distance 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi) which takes place in Budapest, Hungary in September. The route starts and ends in City Park and winds through the city center, offering views of some of the city's main sights, such as Andrássy Avenue with the Opera House, the Danube from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Parliament. The 2017 event took place on Sunday 10 September.

The Széchenyi Baths in City Park, overlooking the starting point of Budapest Half Marathon

Race history[edit]

Between 1984 and 1993 annual half-marathon races were organized as a side event of the Budapest Marathon. In 1994 and 1995 the Budapest Marathon was discontinued and, since it was re-established in 1996, separate half-marathon races have been held in September, with Nike as the event's main supporter. From 2014 the event has a new main sponsor Wizz Air. The popularity of Budapest Half Marathon has constantly increased; the number of participants having grown from an initial 3000 to over 7000 individual runners.[1] Currently the distance can be run either as an individual or as a relay in a teams of two or three. Competitors with disabilities may compete in wheelchairs.

Past winners[edit]

Source: Futanet,[2] Half Marathon Race Guide 2013[3]

Key:   Course record

Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s) Finishers
1996  Zoltán Káldy (HUN) 1:04:45  Simona Staicu (HUN) 1:11:11 1768
1997  Keita Fujino (JPN) 1:03:14  Sachie Ozaki (JPN) 1:11:04 2535
1998  Seiji Hamada (JPN) 1:02:44  Kazumi Kanbayashi (JPN) 1:10:37 2703
1999  Takaki Morikawa (JPN) 1:03:28  Tomoko Tamamushi (JPN) 1:12:15 3422
2000  Piotr Gładki (POL) 1:04:45  Mihaela Botezan (ROM) 1:10:17 4024
2001 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sreten Ninković (YUG) 1:04:43  Beáta Rakonczai (HUN) 1:13:33 3912
2002  William Kipsang (KEN) 1:02:59  Beáta Rakonczai (HUN) 1:13:39 4403
2003  Miklós Zatykó (HUN) 1:05:53  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:11:08 4470
2004  Sreten Ninković (SCG) 1:06:51  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:11:18 4601
2005  András Juhász (HUN) 1:05:57  Eszter Erdélyi (HUN) 1:16:10 5466
2006  Barnabás Bene (HUN) 1:06:32  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:10:46 4964
2007  Balázs Ott (HUN) 1:07:19  Krisztina Papp (HUN) 1:12:09 5020
2008  Pasquale Rutigliano (ITA) 1:07:22  Beáta Rakonczai (HUN) 1:14:38 4930
2009  Ashenafi Erkolo (ETH) 1:07:24  Krisztina Papp (HUN) 1:15:27 4848
2010  László Tóth (HUN) 1:04:38  Krisztina Papp (HUN) 1:13:13 5520
2011  Tamás Kovács (HUN) 1:06:03  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:15:04 6203
2012  Gábor Józsa (HUN) 1:06:36  Krisztina Papp (HUN) 1:15:07 6751
2013  Henry Kemboi (KEN) 1:05:53  Krisztina Papp (HUN) 1:12:32 7436
2014  Hillary Maiyo (KEN) 1:05:05  Nancy Nzisa (KEN) 1:15:14 7783
2015  Henry Kemboi (KEN) 1:06:28  Zita Kácser (HUN) 1:16:51 9074
2016  Henry Kemboi (KEN) 1:05:40  Christine Moraa (KEN) 1:18:53 8187
2017  Wycliffe Biwott (KEN) 1:06:52  Zita Kácser (HUN) 1:16:59 8315
2018  Matthew Kosgei (KEN) 1:06:50  Zita Kácser (HUN) 1:17:47 8669

"Finishers" refers to individuals completing the course, ignoring relay teams.


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