Budd Coast

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NASA MODIS satellite image of Knox, Budd and Sabrina coasts

Budd Coast (66°30′S 112°0′E / 66.500°S 112.000°E / -66.500; 112.000Coordinates: 66°30′S 112°0′E / 66.500°S 112.000°E / -66.500; 112.000), part of Wilkes Land, is that portion of the coast of Antarctica lying between the Hatch Islands, at 109°16'E, and Cape Waldron, at 115°33'E. It was discovered in February 1840 by the U.S. Exploring Expedition (1838–42) under the leadership of Lieutenant Charles Wilkes,[1] and named by Wilkes for Thomas A. Budd, Acting Master of the sloop Peacock, one of the ships used on the expedition. A portion of the Puget Sound, Budd Inlet, is also named for Thomas Budd.


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