Buddhism in Iceland

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Membership in registered non-Christian religious organizations in Iceland. The red line represents the Bahá'í faith, the green line represents contemporary paganism, the dark blue line represents Buddhism, and the light blue line represents Islam.

Buddhism in Iceland has existed since the 1990s after immigration from countries with Buddhist populations, mainly Thailand. As of 2008, there are three Buddhist organizations in Iceland officially recognized as religious organizations by the Icelandic government. The oldest and largest is the Buddhist Association of Iceland, a Theravada group, which was recognized in 1996 and had 880 members in 2010. Another group, Zen in Iceland – Night Pasture, a Zen group, was recognized in 1999 and had 75 members in 2010. The most recent group is, SGI in Iceland, a Soka Gakkai group, which was recognized in 2008 with 135 members. Together, these three organizations represent approximately 0.3% of the population of Iceland. This is more than the Islamic groups but less than the pagan groups.


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