Buddleja 'Lonplum' = Sugar Plum

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Buddleja hybrid
Buddleja 'Sugar Plum'.jpg
Sugar Plum, Longstock Park, UK
Cultivar 'Lonplum' = Sugar Plum
Origin Peter Moore, Longstock Park Nursery, UK.

Buddleja 'Lonplum' (selling name Sugar Plum) is a hybrid cultivar raised in 2005 by Peter Moore, Chief Propagator at the Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire, England. The cultivar is the result of a crossing of B. davidii 'Royal Red' and B. 'Summer Beauty'. Sugar Plum was introduced to commerce in 2010, having come 8th overall in the public popularity poll of 97 cultivars held as part of RHS Buddleja trials at Wisley from 2008 to 2010. [1] [1]


Sugar Plum grows to a height of 1.5–2.0 m when hard-pruned annually, and is distinguished by its purple-red flowers borne in terminal panicles 15 – 20 cm long; the foliage is mid-green.[2] The shrub is considered very similar to the American cultivar 'Miss Ruby'.[1]


Sugar Plum is already (2012) in cultivation in Europe and the USA. A specimen is grown as part of the NCCPG national collection at the Longstock Park Nursery near Stockbridge.[2]


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