Buddleja 'Silver Lilac'

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Buddleja hybrid
Cultivar'Silver Lilac'
OriginFerdinandushof Nursery, Overslag, Netherlands

Buddleja 'Silver Lilac' is a hybrid cultivar raised by the Ferdinandushof Nursery at Overslag in the Netherlands, derived from a crossing of 'Lochinch' and 'Pink Delight'.[1] Following the Royal Horticultural Society's Buddleja Eurotrials at Wisley, 'Silver Lilac' was recommended for an Award of Garden Merit in 2010, subject to availability. [1] [2]


'Silver Lilac' makes a compact shrub, growing to a height and spread of 1.6 × 2.1 m, and producing long, broad-based tapering panicles, length < 31 cm, of pale lilac flowers, complemented by greyish foliage. [1]


'Silver Lilac' is only known to be in cultivation in the Netherlands.


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