Buddleja × weyeriana 'Sungold'

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Buddleja × weyeriana
Buddleja x weyeriana 'Sungold' panicle 2.jpg
'Sungold', Longstock Park, UK
Cultivar 'Sungold'
Origin Netherlands

Buddleja × weyeriana 'Sungold' is a cultivar which arose as a sport of 'Golden Glow' at the nursery of P. G. Zwijnenburg in the Netherlands during the 1960s.[1][2] [3] 'Sungold' was accorded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (record 690) [1] in 1993, reaffirmed in 2010.[4][5] A particularly floriferous specimen of 'Sungold' was introduced to the USA from Scotland by Mike Dirr in 1995, and propagated there as 'Honeycomb'; it later came top in the public poll of 57 Buddleja species and cultivars conducted by the University of Georgia in 1997. [2]


'Sungold' is a vigorous shrub growing to a height of 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) if hard-pruned annually, bearing small panicles of rich golden-orange flowers, the panicles acute at the apex, further distinguishing the clone from 'Golden Glow'. Occasionally, near-white secondary panicles appear as sports near the end of the flowering season. The leaves are of average size for the hybrid, and mid-green in colour.[6][7] The nectar of B. × weyeriana is relatively complex, comprising three constituents in almost equal proportions: sucrose, fructose, and glucose, whereas the nectar of the common Buddleja davidii is almost exclusively sucrose.[8]

Ploidy: 2n = 76. [9]


'Sungold' is widely cultivated across Europe and the USA. Hardiness: RHS H4, USDA zones 7–9.[7]


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