Buddleja 'Hinebud 2' = Purple Splendor

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Buddleja hybrid
Cultivar 'Hinebud 2' = Purple Splendor
Origin Hines Nursery LLC, Laguna Hills, CA, USA.

Buddleja 'Hinebud 2', selling name Purple Splendor (Splendor Purple in Europe), is one of a new (2012) series of hybrid cultivars raised by Peter Podaras at the Hines Nursery, Laguna Hills, CA.[1]


Purple Splendor is a shrub of dense habit growing to a height of 1.6 m, bearing terminal and axillary panicles of fragrant purple flowers with yellow centers surrounding a white eye, complemented by dark-green foliage with a rugose upper surface.[1]


Released in 2012, the cultivar has been introduced to commerce in Europe by Breederplants, Netherlands, under the name Splendor Purple. Hardiness: USDA zone 5b.


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