Buddleja 'Orange Scepter'

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Buddleja hybrid
Cultivar 'Orange Scepter'
Origin University of Arkansas, USA

Buddleja 'Orange Scepter' is a highly unusual American hybrid cultivar raised by Dr Jon Lindstrom of the University of Arkansas from a crossing of two South American species, Buddleja stachyoides and Buddleja tubiflora. [1]


'Orange Scepter' grows to a height of 2.5 m, and bears 30 cm - long panicles of bright orange flowers resembling Leonotis, complemented by large, 28 cm - long Verbascum-like felted leaves. The shrub flowers almost continually throughout the year, but most prolifically from fall to spring. [1]


'Orange Scepter' is not known to be in cultivation beyond the USA. With its tropical origins, the shrub is not frost-hardy and best removed indoors in winter. USDA zones 7b–10. [1]


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