Buddleja 'Summer Beauty'

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Buddleja hybrid
Buddleja 'Summer Beauty'.jpg
'Summer Beauty', Longstock Park, UK
Cultivar 'Summer Beauty'
Origin Horticultural Research International, Boskoop, Netherlands

Buddleja 'Summer Beauty' is a hybrid cultivar developed by Horticultural Research International, at Boskoop in the Netherlands. [1] Derived from the crossing B. davidii 'Fascination' × B. davidii var. nanhoensis 'Alba' × B. 'West Hill', 'Summer Beauty' is a sibling of 'Pink Delight', and came 7th out of 57 buddleja taxa in a poll undertaken by the University of Georgia, USA. [1]


'Summer Beauty' makes a small, compact shrub, typically growing to a height of < 1.2 m, and is distinguished by its rich, deep-pink panicles, 15 – 20 cm long, complemented by small silvery-green leaves. [2]


'Summer Beauty' is in cultivation in Europe and North America. A specimen is grown as part of the NCCPG national buddleja collection held by Longstock Park Nursery, near Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK. The shrub is difficult to propagate from cuttings. [2] Hardiness: USDA zones 6–9.


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