Buddleja 'Wattlebird'

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Buddleja hybrid

Buddleja 'Wattlebird' is a hybrid cultivar of Buddleja madagascariensis × Buddleja asiatica raised by R J Cherry in Australia in 1993. [1] 'Wattlebird' has been erroneously identified as a cultivar of Buddleja × weyeriana in some treatises. [2]


Buddleja 'Wattlebird' is a lax, spreading shrub growing to a height and spread of 3.6 m × 2.7 m.[2] The inflorescences comprise long, slender panicles of very fragrant creamy white to orange yellow flowers which persist from midsummer to mid-autumn. The leaves are mid-green above, and grey tomentose below. [1]


The hybrid is tender, requiring greenhouse protection during winter in the UK. USDA zones 8–9.


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