Buddleja davidii 'Tobudviole' = Buzz Lavender

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Buddleja davidii
LS Buddleja 'Buzz Lavender', panicle.jpg
Cultivar 'Tobudviole' = Buzz Lavender & Buzz Violet
Origin UK

The 'Buzz' series of Buddleja davidii cultivars was released to commerce in the UK in 2009,[1] the result of seven years' intensive breeding and selection by Charles Valin of the UK's Thomson & Morgan nursery. Buzz Lavender is also sold as Buzz Violet depending on country of sale.


Buzz Lavender Longstock Park

The Buzz buddlejas make comparatively small, compact, rounded shrubs reaching 1.5 m in height, but still significantly larger than the rival American dwarf 'Blue Chip' series introduced slightly earlier and derived from complex hybrids.[2]


Buzz cultivars are relative newcomers, but already well established in the UK; they are included in the NCCPG national buddleja collection held by Longstock Park Nursery near Stockbridge, Hampshire.[2]Hardiness: USDA zones 7–9.


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