Buddleja davidii 'Butterfly Heaven'

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Buddleja davidii
Buddleja davidii 'Butterfly Heaven' plant.jpg
'Butterfly Heaven', Longstock Park, UK
Cultivar 'Butterfly Heaven'
Origin Blooms of Bressingham, UK

Buddleja davidii 'Butterfly Heaven' is a British cultivar raised from a chance seedling discovered by Adrian Bloom at the Blooms of Bressingham nursery.[1]


Buddleja davidii 'Butterfly Heaven' panicle.jpg

'Butterfly Heaven' typically grows to 1 - 2 m in height, and bears large, <30 cm-long panicles of lilac-purple flowers. The foliage is grey-green when young, ageing to a dark green by midsummer.[2]


'Butterfly Heaven' is rare in cultivation, but has been introduced to the USA, where it grows at the Missouri Botanical Garden. In the UK a specimen is grown as part of the NCCPG national collection held by Longstock Park, near Stockbridge, Hampshire.