Buddleja davidii 'Summer House Blue'

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Buddleja davidii
Buddleja davidii 'Summer House Blue' inflorescences.jpg
'Summer House Blue', Longstock Park, UK
Cultivar'Summer House Blue'
OriginLongstock Park Nursery, Longstock Park, Hampshire, UK

Buddleja davidii 'Summer House Blue' is a cultivar propagated by Peter Moore, Chief Propagator at Longstock Park Nursery. The cultivar was cloned from a seedling found growing near the eponymous summer house at Longstock.


'Summer House Blue' can be maintained to 1.5 m in height with pruning. The terminal panicles of purple-blue flowers are 20–25 cm in length; the leaves are silver-grey.[1]


'Summer House Blue' is only in cultivation in the UK. A specimen is grown as part of the NCCPG national buddleja collection held by the Longstock Park Nursery.[1]


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