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The Buddy is a motor scooter distributed in the United States by Genuine Scooters of Chicago, Illinois. Introduced in 2006, the Buddy is the most popular scooter sold by Genuine and is sold in 150 of its dealerships throughout the country.[1] It is manufactured by PGO Scooters of Taiwan, and is marketed in similar configurations as the Bubu in Taiwan, the Metro in Canada, and the Ligero in the United Kingdom.

2007 Genuine Buddy

The standard Buddy features a 50 cc two-stroke engine or a larger displacement four-stroke engine, air-cooled, with automatic (CVT) transmission. The braking system consists of front disc and rear drum brakes. Models with 150 cc engined with special trim have been offered. A 168 cc model was introduced in 2011.

Buddy models[edit]

As of June 2011, the Buddy is offered in the following models:

  • Buddy 50 (50 cc)
  • Buddy 125 (125 cc)
  • Buddy Little International (50 cc)
  • Buddy International (150 cc)
  • Buddy 170i (168 cc)


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