Budești Josani church

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Budești Josani church
Budesti-Josani Biserica de lemn.JPG
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Budești, Romania Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 47°43′26″N 23°57′00″E / 47.7239°N 23.95°E / 47.7239; 23.95
Reference 904-002
Inscription 1999 (23rd Session)
Budești Josani church is located in Romania
Budești Josani church
Location of Budești Josani church
Budești Josani, the southern side. Photo: A Baboș, July 2006
Budești Josani, the reconstructed entrance after renovation 2002. Photo: A Baboş, July 2006

The church of Saint Nicholas in Budești Josani ("Lower Budești") in the village of Budeşti in the region of Maramureș, Cosău valley in Romania is representative of the characteristic wooden churches of Maramureș with double eaves. It is one of eight wooden churches of Maramureș that UNESCO has listed as a World Heritage Site.[1]


The wooden church at Budești Josani was dated by an inscription on the portal from 1643. Unfortunately the inscription was lost during the enlargement of the entrance in 1923. The inscription was verified dendrochronologically and the log structure was firmly dated from the winter 1642-43, i.e. the moment the timbers were felled. This church appears to have been built by the same master carpenter who built the wooden churches at Slătioara (before 1639) and Sârbi Susani (1639).


Alexandru Baboș: Tracing a Sacred Building Tradition, Norrköping 2004.[2]

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