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Buena Suerte is a free Spanish language classifieds newspaper that serves the U.S. state of Texas, specifically the Greater Houston Area, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.[1] The name, Buena Suerte, means good luck in Spanish. The paper is published weekly, with different editions coming out on different days of the week. As of 2011, Buena Suerte Spanish News has an audited circulation of 101,000 net 94,000, as well as 10 Spanish language editions and over 3,500 distribution points in the Greater Houston area.[2]


In 1986, Buena Suerte Spanish news was founded by Emilio Martinez-Paula with the help of his son Emilio S. Martinez. The paper originally started as a shopper designed to reach the Hispanic community of Houston, including Mexican, Central American, and South American communities.[3]

In 1990, the shopper became an entertainment and community newspaper. Nine years later, Buena Suerte changed back to the shopper format, and still publishes with this format today. In 2000, Carlos Martinez, another one of Emilio Martinez-Paula's sons, joined the company to run the sales department.

Buena Suerte Spanish News created a digital version of their paper in 1996. The company also runs a personals website called Corazon a Corazon (Heart to Heart) and another classifieds website, Super Pulga.[4]

The company has continued to grow as it expands its print distribution to other Texas cities. In 2008, the company started a new edition of the paper in Austin. In January 2009, a San Antonio edition was created and in January 2010 another edition was created in Dallas.[4][5][6]


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