Buena Vista, Harrison County, Indiana

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Buena Vista is an unincorporated community in Taylor Township, Harrison County, Indiana, in the United States.[1]


Buena Vista was laid out in 1850.[2] The community was named after the 1847 Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican–American War.[3] An old variant name was Convenience.[4] A post office called Convenience was established in 1878, and remained in operation until 1904.[5]

On March 28, 1859, a meteor exploded over the area and distributed meteorites over a 4 square mile area. Only four Chondrite meteorites were recovered,[6] two of which are in a museum in London. [7][8] Dr. Crosier collected and thoroughly analyzed the samples. His findings reported the people that found them, the location, composition, size and smell. [9]


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Coordinates: 38°03′32″N 85°58′48″W / 38.05889°N 85.98000°W / 38.05889; -85.98000