Buena Vista (Washington, D.C.)

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Map of Washington, D.C., with Buena Vista highlighted in red

Buena Vista is a large residential neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C., east of the Anacostia River. Politically, Buena Vista is in Ward 8, the poorest ward in the District of Columbia. Although the neighborhood is dominated by detached single-family housing and multi-family complexes, as are the adjacent neighborhoods of Barry Farm and Douglass, the homes in Buena Vista tend to be privately owned by higher-income residents.

Buena Vista is on a hilly region of southeast Washington, which has resulted in narrow and winding roads within the neighborhood. However, its high elevation means that the neighborhood has expansive views of downtown Washington, including the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument. Accordingly, one of the largest and most recognizable condominium complexes is called Washington View.

The western end of the neighborhood, near Sheridan Road SE, is sometimes called Sheridan. Also see article on Anacostia.

Coordinates: 38°51′04″N 76°58′07″W / 38.8511°N 76.9686°W / 38.8511; -76.9686