Buena Vodka Social Club

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Buena Vodka Social Club
Buena vodka social club.jpg
Studio album by Leningrad Cowboys
Released 28 October 2011[1][2]
Label SPV Recordings
Leningrad Cowboys chronology
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Buena Vodka Social Club
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Buena Vodka Social Club is a 2011 studio album by the Leningrad Cowboys.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Machine Gun Blues" Marzi Nyman/Ville Tuomi 2:25
2. "All We Need is Love" Pauli Hauta-aho 3:34
3. "Drill-A-Hole" Nyman/Tuomi/Bryn Jones 4:04
4. "Gimme Your Sushi" Varre Vartiainen 3:04
5. "Rock'n'Roll Show" Nyman/Vartiainen/Timo Tolonen/Tuomi/Tume Uusitlo/Sami Järvinen/Jones 4:56
6. "I Kill the Dog" Vartiainen 2:54
7. "Gasolina" Vartiainen/Jones/Tuomi/Nyman 3:18
8. "Buena Vodka Social Club" Hauta-aho/Vartiainen 4:24
9. "Frijoles y Lager" Okke Komulainen 1:32
10. "Wash Your Ass" Nyman/Tuomi/Jones 4:40
11. "Mule" Tololen/Julia Eklund 6:14
12. "Corpse Bride" (bonus track on limited edition CD) Uusitalo/Samuli Laiho 4:14
13. "Gimme Your Sushi (extended version)" (bonus track on two-disc 10" vinyl release[3][4]) Vartiainen  



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