Bueng Boraphet

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Bueng Boraphet
Fishing on Bueng Boraphet.jpg
Fishing on Bueng Boraphet
LocationCentral Thailand
Coordinates15°41′N 100°15′E / 15.683°N 100.250°E / 15.683; 100.250Coordinates: 15°41′N 100°15′E / 15.683°N 100.250°E / 15.683; 100.250
Basin countriesThailand
Surface area224 km2 (86 sq mi)

Bueng Boraphet (Thai: บึงบอระเพ็ด, pronounced [bɯ̄ŋ bɔ̄ː.rā.pʰét]) is the largest freshwater swamp and lake in central Thailand. It covers an area of 224 km2 east of Nakhon Sawan, south of the Nan River close to its confluence with the Ping River.

Originally the area was covered by a large swamp, which was flooded in 1930 with the building of a dam to improve fishing.

This is the only known site for the white-eyed river martin which used to winter there, but has not been seen since 1980, and may be extinct.[1]

One hundred-six square kilometres of the lake were declared a non-hunting area in 1975. In 2000 it was designated a wetland of international importance by the Thai government.[2]

The purple swamphen is one of a multitude of bird species that inhabit this lake


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