Buenos Aires Hardcore

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Buenos Aires Hardcore was the name of the scene that gathered the Hardcore bands that started to play in Buenos Aires in the late 80's.

The style of these bands was often influenced by the New York Hardcore scene; often mixing styles like punk, metal and hip hop, however some bands like Fun People and No Demuestra Interes (N.D.I.) were offering a style was far from the violent New York Hardcore style.

Bands that were part of the early Buenos Aires Hardcore scene included:

  • Fun People (this band finally step apart of the movement)
  • Raiz
  • Eco Violento
  • Despojados
  • No Demuestra Interés (N.D.I.)
  • Existencia de Odio (E.D.O.)
  • Diferentes Actitudes Juveniles (D.A.J.)
  • Minoría Activa
  • Buscando Otra Diversión (B.O.D.)
  • Autocontrol
  • Buenas Intenciones
  • Psicotracción
  • Capilla Negra
  • Alternativa Positiva
  • Confort Supremo
  • Ideas Totalmente Adolescentes (I.T.A.)
  • Eterna Fuerza Natural
  • Propia Decisión
  • Funeral Funny
  • Los de Afuera (L.D.A.)
  • Otra Salida
  • Indiferencia
  • Juventud Unida Positiva (J.U.P.)
  • Inminente Destrucción Social (I.D.S)
  • Enferma Sociedad
  • Cosas Claras
  • Nunca Digas Nunca (N.D.N.)

Other important and late bands: Vieja Escuela, Otra Salida, 720º, Indiferencia, Bhakti, Flores Silvestres