Buenos Aires Plateada

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Buenos Aires plateada
Directed by Luis Barone
Produced by Luis Barone
Written by Luis Barone
Luis Alberto Asurey
Starring Luis Luque
Mausi Martínez
Music by Nicolás Posse
Cinematography José Guerra
Esteban Sapir
Edited by Darío Arcella
Darío Tedesco
Distributed by Visionario
Release date
5 October 2000
Running time
74 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Buenos Aires plateada (English language: Silver-Plated Buenos Aires) is a 2000 Argentine black-and-white film drama directed and written by Luis Barone with Luis Alberto Asurey.

The film premiered on October 5, 2000 in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Plateada01.jpg


A television director has made the initial chapter of a TV series based on his own life history and wants to put it to the air. For it he looks for the support of two old friends, with whom he once a politician and held an important position in the government in the past.

But they have other stronger commitments and the program pilot does not excite them. He then puts then in scene a history where nothing is what it seems.


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