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Bufčansko oro
Genre Folk dance
Origin Macedonia

Bufčansko or Bufsko (Macedonian: Буфчанско or Буфско) meaning a dance from the village of Buf (Macedonian: Буф meaning howl) is a Macedonian folk dance (oro) from the region of Bitola and Lerin (Florina).

Dance style[edit]

It is a line dance with elegant and peaceful movements on half feet. It is medium fast dance that speeds up toward the end. The dancers are holding hands and begin their dance in a position of a half circle. Bufčansko is traditionally a women's dance, but sometimes mixed groups perform it. Dancers describe the steps in each dance phrase as slow quick quick slow quick; however, the relative duration of each slow and quick step varies, depending on the speed.

Rhythm and meter[edit]

As in many dances of the Balkans, there is a tendency to shorten the first and last steps of each dance phrase. The result is that standard musical metre notation does not capture the exact rhythm of the dance, which is best learnt by example. The dance is usually notated in 12
meter, grouped as 3+2+2+3+2, although other meters are sometimes seen.

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