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Buff or BUFF may refer to:


Given name[edit]

  • Buff Bagwell (born 1970), American professional wrestler and actor
  • Buff Cobb (1927–2010), American actress and former wife of Mike Wallace
  • Buff Wagner (fl. born 1897s), American football player


  • Charlotte Buff (1753–1828), youthful acquaintance of the poet Goethe, who fell in love with her
  • Joe Buff, American author of naval techno-thrillers
  • Johnny Buff (1888–1955), American World Bantamweight Champion boxer
  • Sebastian Buff (1828–1880), Swiss portrait painter
  • Oliver Buff (born 1992), Swiss professional soccer player currently playing for FC Zürich

Film and television[edit]

Video gaming[edit]

  • Buff (video gaming), a change to a weapon or ability that deems it more viable for game balance. Antonym of "nerf."
  • Buff (MMORPGs), a temporary beneficial status effect


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