Buffalo CarShare

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Buffalo CarShare
Industry transportation
Founded 2008

Michael Galligano, Crieghton Randall, Christopher Drucker, Razy Kased, Jim Simon, Adam Blair

num_employees = 4
Headquarters Buffalo, New York
Website buffalocarshare.org

Buffalo CarShare is a non-profit carsharing organization located in Buffalo, New York. The establishment of this organization began in the summer of 2008 and serves the city of Buffalo and its surroundings. Their mission statement is “We are a community-driven organization that advances affordable and environmentally friendly transportation."

Buffalo CarShare has set up a system for members that includes the cost of gas, set mileage, insurance, and maintenance in the rental. The organization's main goals are threefold; environmentally they seek to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicles miles traveled, cost reduction of car ownership and as well as socially by providing a healthier alternative lifestyle.[1]

In 2014, Michael Galligano is named Executive Director[2]


As of June 15th, 2015 Buffalo Carshare has shutdown operations due to the inability to find an insurance carrier to maintain the usage of members of their fleet of cars. They are currently exploring various options to resume operations. [3] As of August 6th, 2015 Buffalo Carshare was absorbed by a for-profit company and hopes it will be able to still remain an independent entity.[4]


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