Buffalo Creek (Illinois)

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Buffalo Creek
Wheeling Drainage Ditch
Country United States
State Illinois
City Lake Zurich, Kildeer,
Long Grove, Arlington Heights,
Buffalo Grove, Wheeling
 - location Lake Zurich, Illinois
 - coordinates 42°11′14.5″N 88°3′52.8″W / 42.187361°N 88.064667°W / 42.187361; -88.064667
Mouth Des Plaines River
 - location Wheeling, Illinois
 - coordinates 42°7′18″N 87°53′44.4″W / 42.12167°N 87.895667°W / 42.12167; -87.895667Coordinates: 42°7′18″N 87°53′44.4″W / 42.12167°N 87.895667°W / 42.12167; -87.895667

Buffalo Creek is an 11.2-mile-long (18.0 km)[2] tributary of the Des Plaines River. It begins in Lake Zurich, Illinois and flows mainly south-eastward through Kildeer, Long Grove, Buffalo Grove and Wheeling. In Wheeling, it is named Wheeling Drainage Ditch. It joins the Des Plaines River next to Chicago Executive Airport.

GNIS note[edit]

The GNIS database information dates from 1980 and does not reflect recent changes made to the mouth location during improvements at Chicago Executive Airport. The source location may also have shifted due to housing development in the area. The coordinates used in the Geobox are from Google Earth.


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