Buffalo Grill

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Buffalo Grill
Founded 1980
Headquarters Avrainville, France
Website www.buffalo-grill.com

Buffalo Grill is a chain of steakhouses based in France, with over 328 outlets in Europe. Most of these outlets are located in France, but there are also branches in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium.[1] It is a mass-market chain serving American-style steaks with some concessions to French tastes, such as a roquefort sauce option.


British beef scandal[edit]

In December 2001 it was the subject of a major scandal when allegations emerged that the chain had sold British beef, banned in Germany due to fears of BSE contamination, between 1997 and 2000.[2] In October 2003, manslaughter charges against the firm's executives were dismissed in respect of two vCJD sufferers, who claimed to have caught the disease from the firm's beef. Two of the firm's employees spent three months in prison prior to being acquitted.[3] The firm's sales suffered considerably due to the scandal, but by 2004 were on the rise again.[4]

Illegal employees scandal[edit]

On the 4th of June 2007, it was reported[5] that approximately 15% of Buffalo Grill's employees were foreign. A significant number of them, mostly from Africa, had illegal immigrant status in France. The chain's management was accused of slave-like work, unfair conditions, threats and disobeying state labour laws by some of its former employees, who occupied a restaurant in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne in the outskirts of Paris) daily from 9am to 11pm as a sign of protest.


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