Buffalo Lake (Alberta)

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Buffalo Lake
Location Central Alberta
Coordinates 52°29′33″N 112°54′56″W / 52.49250°N 112.91556°W / 52.49250; -112.91556Coordinates: 52°29′33″N 112°54′56″W / 52.49250°N 112.91556°W / 52.49250; -112.91556
Type Mesotrophic
Primary inflows Parlby Creek
Primary outflows Tail Creek
Catchment area 1,440 km2 (560 sq mi)
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 17 km (11 mi)
Max. width 7.5 km (4.7 mi)
Surface area 93.5 km2 (36.1 sq mi)
Average depth 2.8 m (9.2 ft)
Max. depth 6.5 m (21 ft)
Surface elevation 785 m (2,575 ft)
Islands Tony's Island
Settlements Bashaw, Rochon Sands, Mirror, White Sands, Alberta

Buffalo Lake is a large lake in central Alberta. It is located in at the limit between Camrose County, the County of Stettler No. 6 and Lacombe County, approximately 40 km (25 mi) east of Red Deer.

The lake lies in the Red Deer River basin, and has a water surface of 93.5 km² and a drainage area of 1,440 km².[1]

The recreational areas of Boss Hill, Rochon Sands, White Sands and The Narrows are established on the shores of the lake, as is the Rochon Sands Provincial Park.

The lake has three main bays: First is the larger Main Bay which is 6.5 meters at its deep point and has two islands. Second is Secondary Bay which is smaller than main bay and has one large island which is privately owned. Last is Parlby Bay (also known as mirror bay) which Is a lot smaller than the other bays and has Parlby Creek flowing through it. The lake supports a decent amount of Northern Pike and Burbot. There is also another shallow bay at the most northern part of the lake called Jarvis Bay.


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