Buffalo River (KwaZulu-Natal)

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Buffalo River (Mzinyathi)
Buffalo River at Rorke's Drift
Country South Africa
State KwaZulu-Natal
Source Near Majuba Hill
 - location Drakensberg
 - location Tugela River
 - coordinates 28°42′59″S 30°38′30″E / 28.716358°S 30.641768°E / -28.716358; 30.641768Coordinates: 28°42′59″S 30°38′30″E / 28.716358°S 30.641768°E / -28.716358; 30.641768
Location of the Buffalo River's mouth

The Buffalo River (Zulu: uMzinyathi; Afrikaans: Buffelsrivier) is the largest tributary of the Tugela River in South Africa. Its source is in Majuba Hill, "Hill of Doves" in Zulu language, located northeast of Volksrust, close to the Mpumalanga / KwaZulu-Natal border. It follows a southerly route into KwaZulu-Natal past Newcastle then turns southeast past Rorke's Drift, before joining the Tugela River[1] at Ngubevu near Nkandla. During the nineteenth century it formed part of the boundary between the Colony of Natal and Zululand.

The Buffalo River has a number of tributaries, including the Ingagani from the SW and the Blood River from the NE, which it joins near Kandi Mountain.[2] Rorke's Drift is a ford across the Buffalo River which is one of the famous places of the 1878-79 Anglo-Zulu War and Isandhlwana is another important place of that war located about 20 km SE of the river, not far from the confluence with the Tugela.[3]

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