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The Buffalo Stallions were a soccer team based out of Buffalo, New York, that played in the Major Indoor Soccer League from 1979 to 1984. Their home arena was Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. It was the last professional club for which the Portuguese legend and FIFA 100 forward Eusébio played, in 1979–1980.

The games were broadcast on radio for at least two seasons. Veteran Buffalo sportscaster Van Miller called the play by play the first season on 104.1 FM, then WACJ. Jim Lane called the shots in the second season.


  • 1979–1980 – 17–15 (3rd Atlantic Division – Lost 1st Round Playoff to Pittsburgh Spirit) Avg. Attendance 8,556
  • 1980–1981 – 20–20 (4th Central Division – Lost 1st Round Playoff to St. Louis Steamers) Avg. Attendance 9,487
  • 1981–1982 – 24–20 (4th Eastern Division – Lost 1st Round Playoff to New York Arrows) Avg. Attendance 9,214
  • 1982–1983 – 22–26 (6th Eastern Division) Avg. Attendance 7,442
  • 1983–1984 – 15–33 (6th Eastern Division) Avg. Attendance 4,834


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