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Buffer may refer to:

Separating or cushioning[edit]

  • Buffer (rail transport), a device that cushions impacts between vehicles
  • Buffer state, a country separating two rival or hostile powers, thought to prevent conflict between them
  • Buffer stop, a device that keeps rail vehicles on tracks
  • Buffer zone, a region separating two areas, possibly to segregate or conjoin them
  • Recoil buffer, a firearm component

Physical science[edit]



  • Buffer (application), a software application for managing social network accounts
  • Data buffer, memory used temporarily to store output or input data while it is transferred.
  • Framebuffer, a type of data buffer for use in graphical display


  • Bruce Buffer (born 1957), American sports announcer for UFC events
  • Michael Buffer (born 1944), American sports announcer for boxing and wrestling events

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