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Many scenes in the movie and television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer were shot on locations in and around Los Angeles, California.


In the 1992 motion picture version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Kristy Swanson, Marshall High School at 400 Tracy Street in Los Angeles provided locations for Hemery High School.

After the events of that movie, Buffy Summers was expelled from Hemery and moved to Sunnydale, where she attended Sunnydale High School, whose exterior scenes were shot at Torrance High School at 2200 W. Carson Street in Torrance, California.

During the fourth season of the show, Buffy and her friends Willow Rosenberg and Daniel "Oz" Osbourne attended the fictional University of California at Sunnydale. Exterior shots used in the series were filmed at the actual University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) campus in Westwood, at California State University, Northridge, and at the CF Braun Business Park at 1000 S. Fremont Street, Alhambra. In later seasons, the Cal State Northridge exteriors were used for the new Sunnydale High School where Buffy's younger sister Dawn was a student, rebuilt after the original high school was blown up.


The house used for exterior shots of Buffy’s house on Revello Drive is a real house in Torrance, California, three blocks north of Torrance High School. 1313 Cota Ave. In some outside scenes you can see the number 1313 over the front porch. Example. Buffy vs Dracula. After Drac bites Buffy the next scene shows the front of the house with 1313 on it.

The mansion occupied by vampires Angel, Drusilla and Spike at the end of the second season (and by Angel in the third) is the Ennis House, designed by the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It stands on a hilltop at 2607 Glendower Avenue in Griffith Park.

The exterior for the apartment building where Xander and Anya lived is located at 844 S. Plymouth Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The 1936 Streamline Moderne building was designated a Historic-Cultural Monument in 2010.


A makeshift cemetery was set up in the parking lot of the show’s studios in Santa Monica, and many cemetery scenes were filmed at the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery at 1831 W. Washington Boulevard, in the West Adams District, south of Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

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