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Buffyverse novels include Buffy novels, Angel novels, Buffy/Angel novels and Tales of the Slayer.



Buffyverse stories Buffyverse location, time
(if known)
Tales of the Slayer (Various)
First collection Tales of Slayers that lived prior to Buffy.
Tales of the Slayer (Various)
Second collection Tales of Slayers that lived prior to Buffy.
Tales of the Slayer (Various)
Third collection Tales of Slayers that lived prior to Buffy.
Tales of the Slayer (Various)
Fourth collection Tales of Slayers that lived prior to Buffy.
Buffy book: Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row 1940s
It's 1940 and for Drusilla's vampiric birthday, Spike decides he will acquire Freyja's Strand for her.
Buffy book: Blackout New York, 1977
Nikki Wood fights against the forces of darkness and also tries to protect her son. Spike arrives in the city.


These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 1 (from spring 1996 up until spring 1997).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Buffy book: Halloween Rain Sunnydale, Halloween 1996
On Halloween Xander & Willow warn Buffy if it's raining.
Buffy book: Night of the Living Rerun Sunnydale, 1996/7
The Master attempts to rise once more.
Buffy book: Coyote Moon Sunnydale, summer 1997
It's summer vacation in Sunnydale and the carnival has come to town.
Buffy anthology book: How I Survived My Summer Vacation Sunnydale, & L.A., summer 1997
Buffy visits her Dad in L.A. whilst the others continue the good fight.


These tales take place during Buffy Season 2, (from autumn 1997 up until spring 1998).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Buffy book: Keep Me In Mind Sunnydale, 1997
Ethan Rayne returns and releases an evil sorcerer from Middle Ages Bavaria.
Buffy book: The Suicide King Sunnydale, 1997
A number of strange student suicides have been taking place, and Buffy suspects something wrong.
Buffy book: Colony Sunnydale, 1997
Mayor Richard Wilkins III invited a woman named Belakane to speak at the local Sunnydale High School. She has a program, "Be the Ultimate You!".
Buffy book: Night Terrors Sunnydale, 1997
The Night Terror stalks its victims in their dreams. The demon replaces another's soul with its own, then wreaks chaos in the real world.
Buffy book: Bad Bargain Sunnydale, 1997
Items for the school rumage sale become infected with Hellmouth parasites after being stored in the school basement.
Buffy book: After Image Sunnydale, 1997
Sunnydale drive-in reopens.
Buffy book: Carnival of Souls Sunnydale, 1997
A Traveling Carnival arrives in Sunnydale. It seems the carnival might be another victim of Sunnydale's weirdness.
Buffy book: Portal Through Time Sunnydale, 1997
Some of the Master's devotees travel through time to attempt to disrupt the Slayer lineage, thus preventing Buffy from destroying the Master.
Buffy book: Go Ask Malice: A Slayer's Diary Boston, December 1997 - June 1998
Faith has a tough time growing up in South Boston, moving from relative to relative when Diana Dormer arrives and informs Faith that she is a potential slayer.
Buffy book: Blooded Sunnydale, 1997/8
The Scoobies become entangled in a long-running feud between Asian warriors.


These tales take place during Buffy Season 3 (from autumn 1998 up until spring 1999).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Buffy book: Sins of the Father Sunnydale, 1998
Pike visits Sunnydale.
Buffy book: Child of the Hunt Sunnydale, 1998
The 'Wild Hunt' arrives in Sunnydale.
Buffy book: Ghoul Trouble Sunnydale, 1998
A new vampire arrives in town called Solitaire who is immune to the sun's rays.
Buffy book: Paleo Sunnydale, 1998
People try to resurrect dinosaur eggs.
Buffy book: The Evil That Men Do Sunnydale, 1998
Helen, an ancient vampire attempts to raise a goddess of destruction.
Buffy book: The Deathless Sunnydale, 1999
Ring Day is fast approaching at Sunnydale High.
Buffy book: Doomsday Deck Sunnydale, 1999
Tarot card-reader, Justine arrives in Sunnydale.
Buffy book: Immortal Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy faces Veronique, a vampire even more immortal than most.
Buffy book: Prime Evil Sunnydale, spring, 1999
Crystal Gregory is a beautiful new teacher at Sunnydale High, who also happens to give Buffy panic fits.
Buffy book: Revenant Sunnydale, spring, 1999
A Chinese gang arrives in Sunnydale.
Buffy book: Power of Persuasion Sunnydale, spring, 1999
The Moon family try to create a "Womyn Power" group at school, meanwhile there is a string of unusual killings.
Buffy book: Resurrecting Ravana Sunnydale, spring, 1999
The Rakshasa are in town to help with the resurrection on an ancient Hindu god called Ravana.
Buffy books: The Gatekeeper
Sunnydale, spring, 1999
'The Gatekeeper' is frail and on the verge of death, yet must hold the walls of reality together in the face of increasing threat.
Buffy book: Return to Chaos Sunnydale, spring, 1999
Four Druids arrive in town. They're in town to try a spell on a certain night to close the gateway in the Hellmouth so that demons would not be allowed to pass through.
Buffy book: Visitors Sunnydale, spring, 1999
Buffy thinks she's being stalked by a demon with a high-pitched giggle.
Buffy book: Unnatural Selection Sunnydale, spring, 1999
Willow battles against the 'faeries'.
Buffy book: Obsidian Fate Sunnydale, spring, 1999
An old Spanish expedition is found on the outskirts of Sunnydale.
Buffy book: Deep Water Sunnydale, spring, 1999
After an oil spill on a nearby Sunnydale beach, Willow discovers a 'selkie'; that is, a girl that can turn into a seal with her sealskin.
Buffy book: Here Be Monsters Sunnydale, spring, 1999
After Buffy kills twin teenage vampires, their vampire mother summons a Goddess of balance who puts Buffy on a trial that could cost people's lives.
Buffy book: The Book of Fours Sunnydale, spring, 1999
The power of four slayers is needed to conquer a new threat.
Sunnydale High Yearbook Sunnydale, spring, 1999
Yearbook received by Scoobies when they graduated from High School.


These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy Season 4, and Angel Season 1 (from autumn 1999 up until spring 2000).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Angel book: Not Forgotten L.A. 1999
Angel Investigations tries to help some struggling immigrants.
Buffy books: Lost Slayer
Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy, new to UC Sunnydale faces a group of vampires with bats tattooed across their faces who will have huge and not-so-appealing consequences for the Scooby Gang's future.
Buffy book: Oz: Into the Wild Sunnydale, 1999
Oz is in search of himself having left his home.
Angel book: Close to the Ground L.A. 1999
A big Hollywood studio head recruits Angel.
Angel book: Soul Trade L.A. 1999
A girl's soul is mysteriously taken. Angel investigates.
Angel book: Redemption L.A. 1999
A wealthy actress requests help.
Angel book: Shakedown L.A. 1999
Doyle has a vision of a seismic shift.
Angel book: Hollywood Noir L.A. 1999
A decayed corpse at a Hollywood construction site is a sign.
Angel book: Avatar L.A. 1999
Cordelia suggests beginning a Web site for their detective agency.
Angel book: Bruja L.A. 1999
L.A. is shocked when a woman attacks a priest.
Angel book: The Summoned L.A. 1999
An anxious young woman, Terri Miller arrives in L.A.
Buffy book: These Our Actors Sunnydale, 2000
Willow takes up drama class, and Spike recalls Cecily.
Buffy/Angel books: Unseen
Sunnydale, L.A., 2000
Buffy and Angel have to work together to solve disappearances of teenagers and calm down the gang warfare going on in LA.


These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy Season 5, and Angel Season 2 (from autumn 2000 up until spring 2001).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Angel book: Image L.A., 1950S/2000
An old evil is trying to use a painting.
Angel book: Stranger to the Sun L.A., 2000
Wesley opens a strange package.
Buffy book: Wisdom of War Sunnydale, 2001
Two strange breeds of sea creatures are beginning to appear in Sunnydale.
Angel book: Vengeance L.A., 2001
Lily Pierce's motivational speaking spreads across the city.
Angel book: Haunted L.A., 2001
Cordelia enters a haunted house for reality TV.
Buffy book: Tempted Champions Sunnydale, 2001
A deadly fighter arrives, willing to kill both humans and vampires.
Buffy book: Little Things Sunnydale, 2001
The town is terrorised by something mysterious and tiny.
Buffy book: Crossings Sunnydale, 2001
Xander learns of a terrifying total immersion video game beta testing.
Buffy book: Sweet Sixteen Sunnydale, 2001
Dawn befriends a girl named Arianna.


These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 6, and Angel Season 3 (from autumn 2001 up until spring 2002).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Buffy/Angel novel: Cursed L.A., 2001
An organised, united effort is being made to put Spike out of the picture. Angel and Spike reluctantly work together and deal with their shared evil pasts.
Angel book: Sanctuary L.A., 2001
A loud explosion occurs at Caritas.
Angel anthology book:The Longest Night L.A., 2001
It's December 21, and hour by hour Angel and his crew must survive the longest night of the year.
Buffy/Angel novel: Monster Island Sunnydale, L.A., Monster Island, 2001
The Fang Gang and the Scooby Gang must unite to protect a safe-haven of half-blood demons.
Angel book: Endangered Species L.A., 2001
Angel considers the ethics of wiping out all vampires.
Angel book: Impressions L.A., 2001
A desperate man arrives at the Hotel with a demon chasing him.
Buffy books: Wicked Willow Sunnydale, 2002
Supposing that Dark Willow did not return to the good so quickly.

BS7-8 /AS4-5[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 7, and Angel Season 4 (from autumn 2002 up until spring 2003).

Buffyverse stories Location, time
(if known)
Buffy/Angel book: Seven Crows Mexico, 2002
Between Mexico and Arizona Riley Sam Finn call in Buffy and Angel to investigate mysterious supernature.
Buffy book: Apocalypse Memories Sunnydale, 2002
Willow is terrified that using her magic powers might result in dark magic consuming her whilst the Angel Michael brings signs of apocalypse to Sunnydale.
Angel book: Dark Mirror L.A., 2002
The gang must face dark versions of themselves.
Buffy book: Mortal Fear Sunnydale, 2002
Buffy is being sent on random missions by a man that goes by the name of Simon. He wants her to retrieve parts of a mystical sword and put them together, but he refuses to say why or who he even is.
Buffy book: Spark and Burn Sunnydale, 2002
Spike remembers his past as he suffers insanity in a school basement.
Buffy/Angel book: Heat Sunnydale, L.A., 2002
Buffy and Angel both battle the same ancient evil, a Possessor who was once "Qin".
Angel book: Solitary Man L.A., 2002
Team Angel copes with a detective-wannabe-old women.
Angel book: Love and Death L.A., 2002
Demon-killers are provoked by an outspoken radio host
Angel book: Monolith L.A., 2002
A huge monolith suddenly appears at Hollywood Boulevard.
Angel book: Nemesis L.A., 2003
One of Fred's old friends from graduate school contacts her for help at a big scientific facility.
Angel book: Book of the Dead L.A., 2003
Wesley's former-Watcher colleague, arrives at LA for a rare book auction.
Buffy book: Queen of the Slayers Sunnydale, Cleveland, Italy, Summer 2003-2004
Hundreds of potential slayers have been awakened. A number of leading dark figures unite in an attempt to retaliate against the new status quo.
Buffy book: Dark Congress 2003–2004
Until 500 years ago all of the demonic and monstrous races met at a Dark Congress. They prepare to meet again.


  • (w/) = Collaboration with another Buffyverse author
  • (s) = Short story

List of authors (alphabetically by surname) who have written novels set in the fictional Buffyverse:

Canonical issues[edit]

The books featured in this list are not part of Buffyverse canon. They are not considered as official Buffyverse reality, but are novels from the authors' imaginations. However unlike fanfic, 'overviews' summarising their story, written early in the writing process, were 'approved' by both Fox and Whedon (or his office), and were therefore later published as officially Buffy or Angel merchandise (see main article for details).

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