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Bug may refer to:

Common uses[edit]

  • A terrestrial arthropod animal (with at least six legs)
    • Insect, a six-legged arthropod
      • Hemiptera, the true bugs, insects with piercing–sucking mouthparts
  • Covert listening device, used in surveillance, espionage and policing
  • Bug (engineering), a defect in the design, manufacture or operation of machinery, circuitry, electronics, hardware or software
    • Software bug, an error, flaw or fault in computer software
    • Hardware bug, a defect in the design, manufacture or operation of computer hardware
    • BUG (tag), a computer programming comment tag

Arts, entertainment and media[edit]

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  • "Bug", a song by Feeder from the 2001 album Echo Park
  • "Bug", a song by Lower Than Atlantis from the 2011 album World Record
  • "Bug", a song by Phish from the 2000 album Farmhouse
  • "The Bug", a 1992 song by Dire Straits

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Businesses and organizations[edit]


  • Bug Hall (born 1985), an American actor
  • Bug Holliday (1867–1910), an American baseball player
  • Bug Howard (born 1994), an American football player
  • Enric Bug (born 1957), pseudonym Bug Rogers, a Spanish comic book artist and industrial designer
  • The Bug (musician), a recording alias for British musician Kevin Martin


  • Bug (river) or Western Bug, a river in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus
  • Southern Bug, Southern Buh or Boh, a river in Ukraine
  • Bug (Rügen), a spit and former village on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
  • Bug, Kentucky, a settlement in Clinton County, Kentucky, in the United States
  • Bag, Qasr-e Qand, also called Būg, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

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