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View of the village
View of the village
Bugøynes is located in Norway
Location in Norway
Coordinates: 69°58′22″N 29°38′34″E / 69.97278°N 29.64278°E / 69.97278; 29.64278Coordinates: 69°58′22″N 29°38′34″E / 69.97278°N 29.64278°E / 69.97278; 29.64278
Country Norway
Region Northern Norway
County Finnmark
District Øst-Finnmark
Municipality Sør-Varanger
Elevation[1] 7 m (23 ft)
Time zone CET (UTC+01:00)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+02:00)
Post Code 9935 Bugøynes

About this sound Bugøynes  (Finnish: Pykeijä) is a fishing village in Sør-Varanger Municipality in Finnmark county in northeastern Norway. The village is situated along the Varangerfjorden which is a vast bay off the Barents Sea (a part of the Arctic Ocean), near the border with Russia. The village is situated some 500 km (310 mi) north of the Arctic Circle, with nearly 230 inhabitants. The village is populated by many Finnish-speaking residents, leading to the village being referred to as Lille-Finland or "Little Finland".[2]

The name[edit]

The meaning of the name is the nes ('headland') besides/inside the island Bugøya. The first element is bug 'bay, inlet', and the second is the finite form of øy 'island'. The meaning is 'the island with several inlets'. Bugøyfjorden nearby is named after the same island.


Bugøynes was settled by Norwegians in the 17th century - but later deserted. It was repopulated by people from Finland in the 18th century.

Bugøynes was one of very few places that was not burnt and destroyed under Operation Nordlicht (1944–45).

Before the road was built to Bugøynes in 1962, the main link between Bugøynes and the rest of the world was by sea. The most-visited town in those days was Vadsø, across the Varangerfjorden. Although the town of Kirkenes, on the southern side of the fjord, was the local administrative centre for Bugøynes, it did not become the centre for shopping until people could reach it by car.

Now most trade in this part of Finnmark takes place in Kirkenes. Workplaces in Bugøynes include fishing, salmon and other fish processing, the processing of reindeer meat and game, as well as slipway and machine workshops. The village has two grocery shops, a post-office and a doctor's surgery (every other Thursday). There are also a children's nursery, a school, a library branch, a dentist, and Bugøynes Chapel.


Bugøynes seen from some distance
  • The Pleym Pier. Restored piers dating back to the 19th century with a museum exhibition showing old coastal culture. Open on request.
  • The Lassi House (Norwegian: Lassigården), culture house dating back to the 1850s, now used as museum and public library branch.
  • Ranvika Bird Sanctuary. The largest bird sanctuary in Sør-Varanger is situated about 90 minutes' walk from Bugøynes. The footpath to the sanctuary is well marked.
  • The Norway King Crab. At Bugøynes, they are now fishing and farming the red king crab, which can weigh up to 10 kilograms (22 lb). Bugøynes is a center in Norway for commercial fishing of this delicacy.


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