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IndustryInsect Eradication
HeadquartersSanta Monica, CA,
United States
Key people
Lorenzo Maggiore - CEO, Erika Schimik - President
ProductsThe Original Salt Gun
Number of employees
ParentSkell Inc.

Bug-A-Salt is a plastic gun that sprays table salt like a shotgun, in a conical spread pattern.

Lorenzo Maggiore invented it to kill houseflies at a distance, without creating a mess.[1] Maggiore sold 21,400 guns for over US$ 577,000 on Indiegogo by September 2012.[2][1]

Michael Dickinson of the California Institute of Technology says flies cannot dodge the tiny salt particles but they will be protected by their arthropod exoskeleton and only be stunned.[1] However, the inventor demonstrates in his YouTube videos that flies are indeed penetrated by the salt which causes them to dehydrate and eventually die (leaving them whole for easy cleanup).

To use the bug-a-salt, all users have to do is to load the gun with table salt, aim at the fly and fire. The gun works like a shotgun towards flies.

Product launch[edit]

Bug-A-Salt initially launched in July 2012 on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform. By the time the crowd funding campaign ended, September 11, 2012, at midnight, over 21,400 Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Guns sold.[2]

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